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53two studios are offering limited opening from Wednesday 13th January.


The safety of both our visitors and our own team continues to be our number one priority. You will be asked to confirm you have read these working guidelines and agree to work within them, upon entry. Entry/work will not be permitted until this is done.

  • Masks must be worn in all instances unless 'working' indoors and outdoors

  • Temperature checks will be compulsory for everyone entering the studios/working with 53two/MAP. Those with temperatures above 37.7 will be refused entry and/or asked to reschedule their session. They will be advised to isolate and contact 111 immediately.

  • All visitors or creatives working in or with 53two/MAP MUST sign in on the NHS App AND our own jotform. 53two/MAP will refuse to work with creatives/visitors who don't comply



We have introduced new safety measures including a remote sign-in, social distancing signage, additional hand sanitising stations. In some instances we've also added a one-way system and strict timing constraints with some bookings, to regulate the flow of visitors coming into the building.


We are committed to providing the highest standards of cleanliness, in particular:


-Frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces that are touched regularly including door handles, doorbells etc

-More frequent cleaning of toilets and stairwell handrails

-Deep cleaning of our rooms, studios and public areas at the end of each working day

-All 53two team members will be fully trained on our new safety measures to ensure that these are delivered to the highest standard


53two will be using as many studios as is safe, for bookings however, in some instances you will be required to use a specific studio. This will be made clear upon booking.


Casting Sessions:

- Castings will only be allowed for recorded/live media projects

- Casting sessions will be held in Studio 1 for auditioness of more than 10 people

- You are responsible for scheduling the duration of auditions for performers and ensuring that there is a 5 minute 'buffer' after each session

- Performers must arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of their audition and will be required to leave immediately afterwards

- Hirers must ensure that EVERYONE attending a session has read this webpage. Admittance will not be allowed until it has been read and they have agreed to operate within these Guidlines via the Track and Trace form, upon arrival.

- In order to maintain safe social distancing, we must restrict the number of people in attendance to one client and one performer in the audition space

- We encourage travel at off-peak times as much as possible. For this reason, we will not offer any casting sessions starting before 10:30am

- We also would like to remind you that the wearing of a face covering is now mandatory on public transport and we expect all our visitors and staff to adhere to this

- Contact in Casting sessions is prohibited ie. Shaking hands etc

- Childrens' castings are prohibited

- Singing castings are prohibited



Although we are aware that rehearsals and classes are few and far between, there may be some instances where it is necessary to do this for live/recorded media projects. Rehearsals will not be allowed for live performances.


- Each studio will have a maximum capacity for standing and sitting. These will be made clear upon booking

- Rehearsal studios cannot have more than the maximum number of people in them, for any reason

- Those in rehearsals must remain 2 metres apart at all times

- Props must not be shared between creatives

- Costumes must not be shared between creatives

- Singing in rehearsals is prohibited



- Indoor showreels can only be shot in studios allowing 4 or more people

- The maximum number of people allowed in a studio for Indoor Showreels is 4

- Showreels will not start before 10:30am and will finish on or before 4:30pm to avoid peak-time travel

- In instances of days shooting more than one scene, actors shooting indoors will be given call times and will not be allowed to access the building before this time

- Actors and crew must remain at least 2 metres apart at all times

- Touching between actors is not allowed unless both actors live together. If scenes request touching, alternatives must be sought

- Actors are not allowed to share props. If scenes require this, alternatives must be sought

- Actors are not allowed to touch any kit, only that considered a prop. This may involve crew asking you to move props during a shoot. Crew are responsible for moving props and furniture that actors will not touch

- Microphones will not be placed on/removed from actors but instead, actors will be instructed how to do this themselves. Microphones will be wiped with antibacterial wipes before and after each use

- Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the shoot day. Actors are advised to also bring their own

- On Indoor Showreels windows will be opened between takes to ensure a flow of air into the space. Actors are advised to bring jackets to avoid a chill in both indoor and outdoor shoots

- During lunch breaks for Indoor Showreels, actors are advised to stay in the building. For indoor and outdoor shoots actors should eat food prepared at home. On indoor shoots, if actors have to leave the building, they are required to sanitise hands before and after entry. All actors are required to wear a mask when visiting

shops outside of the studios/away from the location

- When shooting outdoors, actors will be asked to wait, 'mic-up' and rehearse indoors before heading to location


General notes:

- Clients and staff will need to enter through the entrance on South King St as normal. In some instances, during busy castings or on days when more than two studios are in use, visitors will be asked to follow the one way system, exiting the building on the corner of Ridgefield

- Appropriate signage is in place to guide visitors through the one way system and emphasise the distancing policy

- Drop in visitors will not be permitted

- An online sign in system will be used to register people who have been on the premises. All visitors must use both the NHS app AND our own. Entry will not be permitted without signing in on both

- Visitors will only be permitted into the building at their allotted time

- We will keep rooms and studios well ventilated where possible by opening windows and doors

- All visitors must wear a mask on arrival and when travelling around the communal areas. Masks may be removed only when 'working' in studios and even then, permission must be sought from the session facilitator.


Vulnerable visitors:

- We ask that you identitfy any vulnerable creatives prior to your session & inform 53two staff to allow for more time and any special arrangements

- Please ensure that anybody attending a casting or rehearsal is aware of COVID symptoms and is instructed that on displaying any of these, should remain at home


Cleaning and hygiene:

- Hand gel sanitizers (60%+ alcohol) are in place at various points around the 53two

- Signs have been placed on entrance doors prompting visitors to sanitise hands before entering, exiting and moving between rooms

- Stringent hand washing instructions are present in all washing facilities

- Spray bottles containing antibacterial surface solution and/or antibacterial wipes will be placed in every bathroom with signs prompting visitors to wipe down taps and door handles after use

- If anyone has to leave the building for any reason, although this isn't advised, please ensure you have personal sanitiser on your person and a face mask. Please ensure upon re-entering the building, you wash your hands immediately



- Creatives should bring their own drink bottles to sessions. These bottles can be filled from the bathroom taps if necessary

- No refreshments will be available on site

- Where possible, clients booking out/using the rooms and studios should bring their own lunches to reduce the need for leaving the building unnecessarily

- If clients are unable to bring their own lunch, please opt for delivery rather than leaving the building


Personal possessions:

- Clients/performers/contractors should only bring what they need for the session, such as a water bottle


Becoming symptomatic:

- Clients displaying/ experiencing symptoms of the virus are to inform a member of staff while maintaining the 2m required distance then leave the building immediately


- If you test positive for coronavirus or are in contact with someone who has tested positive after visiting 53two please notify us as soon as possible on 07432 198 724, giving as much information as you can



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