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Before you apply for a ticket...

53two have chosen to use their facilities to share the England games. Everyone is invited to watch without fear of intimidation, aggressive behaviour or being made to feel unwelcome. Both teams of supporters are welcome to apply for tickets. Anyone found in breach of these requirements or is found misusing the space, the hospitality of the venue and/or making anyone in the venue feel ill-at-ease will be asked to leave the venue immediately. There are no second chances. 

Passion is encouraged, but, this can only manifest itself into good-natured singing, enjoying, celebrating and commiserating like-minded people, sharing the excitement of the event and coming together in the greatest theatrical display that the world has to offer. Appearance, beliefs, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age...all are welcome to enjoy.


Please apply for a ticket below. We will ask you to provide your details as well as a connection to the arches. You are the main booker. If any of your party are seen to be in breach of the requirements listed above,  you, the main booker, will be held responsible. This could damage your relationship with 53two. 

Once you have applied, you will be notified via email if you have been successful. If you attend the venue for England group stages, you will gain 'points' which will mean your application is more likely to be accepted in the later stages of the tournament. We currently only plan on showing the England games. Some games will not be shown because of previous bookings. 

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