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Returning to the arches once again for 2023, NEWVEMBER

provides an affordable platform for YOU to share your writing.

You can choose one of three options to submit your work, each

with their own specific framework and aims. 

Too often, scripts are scribbled down and never given a real

chance of getting in front of an audience. It's usually too 

expensive, too difficult to find a suitable venue or you simply

can't find the right platform. For November, 53two 

is given over to creatives at reduced cost, for them to show 

their work to audiences of the public, producers, directors

and more, without the pressure of a 'full production'. 

Why use a back room of a pub, when you can use our theatre?

The Glasshouse was a part of the full production programme in November 2018.


Option 1

The simplest and sometimes most useful option. Cast your script, invite your audience and whilst seated, read it out loud. Use the time to get some sage advice from your invited audience and the public to enable you to return to your draft and make some changes you might not have thought about before! 





Option 2

Done some RnD? Got past your first few drafts? Maybe now it's time to add a little 'theatre' to your piece. With this option, you get the chance to rehearse your script with your actors and a director, get it on it's feet, use some lights and sound and see how it looks brought to life, but still script in hand.





Option 3

If you're ready to rock and your show has reached a point where there's only one option left, let's get it on it's feet in front of a paying audience. Full lights, set and sound to support a brilliant team of actors in full-flight. An option that only suits those productions that are locked and loaded, ready to go...



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