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What's on in NEWvember in the arches...a season of new writing! 

For November, 53two offers it's theatre space to creatives and writers to share their work, on stage, in front of an audience, at a hugely reduced rate. Why? Because an important part of the writeing process is to get feedback and develop a script outside of just the ideas of yourself, the writer.

Creatives are given three options; a seated read, a rehearsed read or full production. 

Ticket prices range from Pay What You Feel to a full price ticket, depending on the scale of show. 

Feedback for the creatives is vital and encouraged at these shows. 


To Play The Queen

14th November


Tickets: Pay What You Feel

They called her Juana la Loca, or Juana the Mad.

Juana, rightful Queen of Spain, has been imprisoned by her father for a dozen years. Following his death, her son, Charles, has come to claim the throne, but first he must reckon with the Mother he scarcely remembers.

This is a work in progress sharing where your feedback is encouraged.



24th November

3pm & 7pm

£5 (Exc Booking Fee)


Lynda, Gill, Margaret and Julie meet in a room waiting to be seen, praying to be heard.  As time moves on they travel back to re-examine the past that has informed their future. 

“We are not wives or mothers, grandmothers or leaking husks.” Meet four women of the world who are breaking out of their pigeon holes. 

This is work in progress sharing where your feedback is so welcome.



26th November


£2 - £5 (Exc Booking Fee)


The Dark One grows stronger by the day; Humanity's time is running out. There is hope though in the form of hedonistic Angel GODCAT and her new charge, depressed alcoholic Jasmine.

Can GODCAT save Jasmine from the clutches of evil and realign her to the divine path in time? Or will she be led astray by the darkness that haunts every shadow, taking Humanity down with her?

A new play from Northern playwright Victoria Tunnah, produced by Bluestocking Theatre and showcased as part of 53Two's new writing festival NEWVEMBER.

This is work in progress sharing where your feedback is so welcome.



29 November


Tickets: Pay What You Feel

It's November 7, 2028 and two-term President Donald Trump is finally about to be replaced for good. Will he go rogue like last time, or will a plan to keep him focused on golf, gorilla documentaries, and developing his perfect Presidential library avert disaster?

This is work in progress sharing where your feedback is so welcome.

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