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Did you know 53two is a registered charity? As we grow, we need to work even harder to deliver on our promise to make ourselves fully accessible, fully operational and fully available to all. We can't do this without your help. So far, we've been incredibly lucky and your support has been invaluable, however, we're back to ask for just one more TINY bit of help. 

We're looking for just £1 a week* - less than a coffee, way less than a beer, the price of a trolley (if you nick it!).

We have a social media community of over 10,000 people and a family of way more. We know times are hard and so, it's ok if you can't, but if just 5% of our tribe could give £1 a week, this would mean a donation of £500 a week, plus the potential for Gift Aid. 

What would this mean?

With this money, we'd be able to;

- Continue to operate and deliver new writing and quality theatre.

 - Build reserves - without which, we lose potential funding.

 - Help increase our outreach and work across the community. 

- Buy a Hearing Induction Loop for the auditorium.

- Work towards buying a Caption Unit, to allow captioned theatre performances.

- Work towards an audio description booth. 

- Develop our current access features.

Every single penny received will go into developing the venue and its operations to make sure that we can continue to provide for the greatest possible number of people and continue to make accessible theatre. If you can donate, click on the. blue button and follow the instructions to set up a direct debit.


There's no commitment, stop your donations whenever you like.  

If you can't we fully understand but please do share this with those people who might be able to help. 

Whatever you can do, we are eternally grateful. To donate,


1. Click on the blue button below.

2. Click on 'Weekly'

3. Enter £1

4. Choose if you'd like to pay the 30p fees. We get 70p if you don't - which is of course fine! 

5. Follow the rest of the instructions to complete your donation and grab a drink to celebrate being awesome.

Any questions then please do feel free to drop us an email! 

*You can of course give more than £1!

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