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We're at it again! ASKING FOR MONEY! But this time we're being really stupid...

10 of the team & friends of the arches are launching themselves off the 170ft, Trafford Palazzo tower, to raise money for 53two (Charity: 1179418). The money raised will go towards a brand new outreach project which focusses on introducing members of the Greater Manchester community, who might otherwise not get the chance, to the arts. Not just as actors, but over the full breadth of what the creative industries represent, from Stage Management to Sound design and everything in between. 

The programme will be targeted towards those aged 16+ and from colleges, clubs, groups etc that might not have the privilege of being exposed to the vast array of what the arts can offer and who might be unsure of the prospects that the creative industries can offer. 

Instead of leaving them to wonder, we're going to offer the opportunity to get hands on experience, for one week and then showcase their skills to industry professionals with a view to long term employment, growth and development - if not at 53two then wherever their hidden passion takes them. 

As we know, the creative industry jobs are vast in number and vary hugely; production, marketing, lighting, sound, costume, stage management, Front of House, design... the list is, quite literally, endless and all of them have transferrable skills. At a time when cuts to the arts are hitting hardest, we're doing what we can to ensure that just a handful of people get the chance to explore something they wouldn't otherwise get the chance to do so, and hopefully find a path to a career that might last a lifetime. 

So, don't leave us OR them, swinging in the wind. Chuck this team of legends a quid or two and help us, help others. 

Our Swingers: 

Emily Ash

Kate Colgrave Pope

Eleanor Furman-Gower

Mollie Hindle

Will Huntington

Kelsea Knox

Josh Mason

George Miller

Simon Naylor

Meg Trower


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