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A part of what makes 53two special is our dedication to supporting grass-roots artists, new companies and start-up creatives whilst striving for a quality of theatre that exceeds expectations.


Sometimes, for new, talented companies and individuals, they first need a platform to explore, play, develop and grow not only themselves but their craft as a Manchester ensemble. 

With this in mind, 53New was born. A platform and initiative, as one of our charitable activities, to provide just that - a theatre space and/or rehearsal room at a reduced rate where those starting out can tread the boards in front of an audience, try their work out and play safely without breaking the bank and in a safe, supportive space. 


To take advantage of our offer, companies/individuals must be able to demonstrate that their company is less than 18 months old and/or without ever having had a full-length play/event produced for more than 5 performances. (In this instance, RnD's, rehearsed readings, script-in-hand etc do not count as performances.) Individuals and companies applying must also be able to present a clear understanding of what it is they want to achieve and why, whilst following our Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity policy. Pitches can only apply for up to two nights of production (Sun-Mon) and/or up to one week of Rehearsal/RnD space. All ticket prices must be no greater than £8.

With this incentive individuals/companies will receive 15% off usual hire fees on the understanding that they follow the terms and

conditions laid out in your contract. These include displaying the 53New logo on all publicity prior to the event and wording and 53New logo on all marketing of the same production, for future performances within 12 months. Read the full 53New Conditions Of Acceptance.

We'd love to support, share and promote your work and provide you the chance to do what you want to do. Under the banner of 53New we can't wait to see you fly. 

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